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"Take your pants down NOW, Herbert!" She demanded "And get over my knee!". "Yes, dear" He said meekly as he slid his trousers down and offered his pale bare butt to her. "I should invite your friends over to watch me shame you like a naughty little boy! Would you like that?". "No, dear, please..." He wimpered. She raised her hand and started to smack his bare ass. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! The sounds echoed off the walls. His cheeks grew red as he bit his lip to keep from giving her the satisfaction of seeing him cry. "You're a pathetic husband, Herbert, but I DO enjoy our little spanking punishment sessions so!". THWACK! She continued the spanking. "After your spanking, I want you to sit at the table and write that you'll be a good boy one hundred times, understood?!" THWACK! "Y-Yes, dear" he stammered. "Ah, yes, I do enjoy a man who obeys!" She sneered "I'll show you who's the boss around here!".

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Erotic Spanking Stories

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Erotic Spanking Stories

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